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Staying Up to Date on Medication Management

The importance of staying up to date on your medication management

Medications can help you engage in daily activities and build healthy relationships.

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Medications are prescribed to help patients see improvements in their health conditions. However, some patients do not stick to their medications. Skipping medications can impact the body negatively. A lot of the time, it can cause harm to brain health. It can also cause symptoms such as anxiety or headache. Here are some ways to keep track of your medications and your health.

  1. Seek reliable information. You need to understand why are you taking a particular medication. Your doctor and pharmacist can explain how a medication works, why it's needed, and what potential side effects there are.
  2. Build a strong relationship with your provider. You need to have good relationships with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure the medication and treatment have the best outcome.
  3. Set clear expectations. Talk to your provider about expected outcomes. If something does not show the result you want, you may think it's not worth it. This will help you keep sight of the end goal: the best care and health possible.